Building Great Companies

Legend Star partners with entrepreneurs to build amazing companies,
and are most focused on technologies that fall into one of the following two categories:

Technology Applied to Transforming Industry

Too many industries have been stagnant for far too long – whether it’s energy, transportation, healthcare, construction, hospitality or aviation. We love helping entrepreneurs with strong sector knowledge to light a fire under these industries (typically using technology or business model innovations) and watch them transform.

Platform Technologies Creating New Possibilities

While some entrepreneurs will be fighting battles with these monolithic industry giants, others will provide them with ammunition – in the form of platform technologies that can be applied in a variety of applications. The internet is changing to include devices, advanced algorithms, sensors, robots and machines of all sorts. In addition, biomedical devices, genetic testing and advanced digital health initiatives are redefining how we live our lives. Let us help you build the infrastructure you read about in science fiction novels


As an early stage venture fund with a strong China background, we think we can bring a pretty unique perspective to your company.

There are now 200 unicorns in the Chinese startup ecosystem. How many have you heard of? Let us tell you all about them. The scale and scope of China can be used be a turbocharger to your business, whether that means finding beta-testers, accessing large databases, scaling up manufacturing or access to capital, we think we can be of help.

Legend Star is part of the Legend Holdings family ( Legend Holdings is one of
the largest conglomerates in China. It is the parent company of Lenovo, Raycom (real-estate), Shenzhou (car rental),
Lakala (payments), Joyvio (Agriculture) and many others. See more here.