Value Added

Industry Networks

Legend Holdings manages companies in nearly every major industry in China, and has partners in many others. Legend Star accelerates it's portfolio companies by providing access to experts that passionately assist and mentor them through each stage of growth.

China Access

A market like China's is too large to ignore, and needs to be built into the strategy at every stage. Legend Star helps identify strategic partners, distribution channels and government relations that can ensure fast growing companies can access their potential in China when necessary.

Business Development Team

A full time staff of business development professionals help our portfolio companies establish partnerships and conduct research when their own resources do not allow for it.

Recuiting Team

A highly trained executive search team which has placed C-level executives at Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, DJI and many other firms can provide our portfolio companies with the tools to scale as quickly as possible.

Training Program

Legend Star has managed a CEO training program for the past 8 years, brining experts from various industries together with CEO's of venture-backed startups to discuss strategy, marketing, retention, supply chain and many other important questions. The 600 strong alumni network is a valuable resource for our portfolio companies.