Legend Star Select Portfolio


Energy efficiency enabling reflector and diffuser materials manufacturer.


Network application layer technology company; one of China's largest enterprise security vendors.

Nano Think

China's first nano printing tehnology company; product used widely by the Chinese government.

MNCHIP Technologies

Develops medical equipment based on microfluidics technology; micro testing instrument already used in many Chinese hospitals.


Fabless semiconductor company specializing in the design and development of complex SOC chips (USB 3.0, HDMI, etc.)


China's first iris recognition technology company; technology used mainly in security and mobile devices.


China's Flipboard; one of the most popular mobile news aggregation apps in China.


China's largest independent mobile game publishing platform; listed on NASDAQ (DSKY).

Suzhou Creative-Carbon Nanotechnology Co.

China's leading manufacturer of carbon nanotubes and related products used in the energy, electronics, automotive, and biomedical fields.


Biopharmaceutical drug development company; new long-acting insulin has already entered Phase III clinical trials.


Photo editing app, top ranked in many app stores around the world.


Leading visual facial recognition technology; licensed by thousands of clients in the financial, web, and security industries.


First Chinese company specializing in computer speech recognition, tone analysis and dialog management techniques; technology licensed by hunderds of smart hardware developers.

Guo Ke Retina Scanning

Hyperspectral camera technology company.

Tinman Arts

Leading children's digital content platform in China; apps, books, and toys have reached almost 100 million users.

Suzhou Kintor Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical company developing new drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Diascie Technology

Biochemical detection equipment maker; developed an innovative approach to automatically detecting sputum.


Smart car visual technology company; 360 degree surveying system already demployed in many car models.


Well-known Chinese water treatment equipment and services company.

Jiangsu Yitong Fluid Technology Co.

Artificial neural network technology company.


Online survey creation tool (China's Survey Monkey); SaaS company with the largest number of users in China.

RECI Optoelectronics

High performance thermal solutions technology company.


Virtual dressing room which fully simulates the in-store experience; used widely on the Alibaba platform.


China's largest live broadcasting and webinar platform.


Virtual bank for retail chain stores; annual transactions exceeding 20 billian yuan.

Burning Rock Biotech

Medical company developing personalized lung cancer treatments based on genomic big data.

Zhima Tech

China's largest retail customer analytics platform.


Southern China's largest fresh fruits and vegetable e-commerce company with over 100 brick and mortar stores.

Shanghai Langyi Electric Technology Co.

Polymer materials technology company; composite material used to improve the surfaces of smart hardware devices.


Chain of international kindergartens targeting China's middle class.


One of China's largest precision advertising platforms.

XueBa Classroom

Personalized learning education technology and mobile app company.


Online-to-offline (O2O) automobile services company.

Ding Ding

Smart door lock security company.


China's Airbnb targeting Chinese tourists traveling abroad.


Restaurant queuing and reservations mobile app.


One of China's leading tech media companies.


Chinese K12 homework management system.


Supplier of core technologies for electric vehicles.

Stargeek Accelerator

China's first smart hardware accelerator.


Smart home equipment and service provider, focusing on home safety.


Smart hardware PaaS cloud platform; built by top engineers from Xiaomi and Baidu.


China's largest high-end online community of new moms (China's TheBump.com)


China's most well-known smart home/ smart hardware company.

Chu Lian

China's largest platform for finding sports coaches and trainers, similar to ClassPass.


Support and resources platform aimed at boosting the development of smart hardware projects.


Online head hunting/recruiting platform for the IT industry.


An event networking app enabling participants to connect through online and mobile apps.

Legend Family Select Portfolio

Founded in 1984, Legend is one of China's first, and most active non-state-owned enterprises, and has a unique meaning in the Chinese economy. Since 2000, Legend's goal of Building Great Companies has turned it into China's largest investment group. With investments in more than 300 companies via Legend Capital, Hony Capital and Legend's Strategic Investments group, a comprehensive portfolio covers China's new consumption based economy, building a far reaching and meaningful "Legend Family". An incomplete analysis polled the total revenue of these companies at more than 100 Billion USD with over 500,000 employees. (Includes exited investments)

Hony Capital is one of the premier Private Equity funds in China with around $8 Billion under management

Legend Capital is one of the most active venture funds in China with $3 Billion under management



Chinese multinational computer technology company which designs, develops, manufactures and sells personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, IT management software and smart televisions.

Digital China

China's largest IT integrated services provider and smart city developer.


Leading provider of intelligent speech recognition and natural language processing technologies.

ChinaSoft International

One of China's largest providers of comprehensive end-to-end software and information services, ranging from consulting to solution, outsourcing and IT talent training.


China's leading provider of enterprise-level network security solutions and services.

Spreadtrum Communications

One of China's largest fabless semiconductor company which develops chipset platforms for mobile devices.


Leading provider of banking information system and services in China.


New China Life Insurance Company

China-based top ranked provider of life insurance services and products.

Lakala Payment Co.

One of China's largest third-party payments services.

Hankou Bank

One of China's leading commercial banks.

Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank

China's first rural commercial bank.

BOCI International

One of China's top investment banks.

Jiangsu Holly Futures Brokerage Co.

Only Chinese futures brokerage to maintain consistent "A" grades throughout the years.

Rongzhong Capital Investment Group

Central China's largest financial services group.



China's leading provider of electronics and home appliances with annual sales of over 40 billion USD.


One of China's largest operators of supermarket and mini-mart chain stores..


China's largest high-end electronics retail chain.


China's largest second-hand car trading platform.

CAR Inc.

China's leading auto rental service provider.

Wangfujing Department

Beijing landmark; China's most famous department store.

Shanghai Chengtou Holding Co.

One of Shanghai's largest state-owned enteprises providing environmental, real estate, and venture capital services.

Bright Dairy

One of China's largest dairy companies.

Haichang Ocean Park Holdings

China's largest chain of ocean theme parks.


Leading Chinese multichannel e-retailer.


Leading developer and operator of integrated large-scale trade and logistics centers in China.

Jinjiang Hotels

One of the largest hotel chains and tourism enterprises in China.


China's largest end-to-end fruit company with large-scale farming operations around the world.

Chongqing Department Store Co.

China's second largest publically traded operator of department stores and supermarkets.

Quan Jin Cheng

Well-known restaurant chain in China.

La Chapelle Fashion

Well-known Chinese women's fashion label.

Yi Xin Tang

Well-known Chinese drug store chain.

Funglian Holdings

Leading liquor management group in China.

Pod Inn

Chinese budget hotel chain.


Jushi Group Co.

World's largest fiberglass manufacturer.

China Yaohua Glass Group

Chinese glass enterprise; known as the "Cradle of China's glass industry".

China Glass Holdings

Leading flat-glass manufacturer and the largest coated glass producer in China.


China's largest manufacturer of construction machinery.

Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group

Design, survey and consultancy company in the Chinese urban rail transit industry.

Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co.

China's largest wind turbine blade manufacturer.

China International Marine Containers

World's leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment.

Hongray Group

World's largest PVC gloves manufacturer.

Xi'an Triangle Aviation Technology Co.

China's highest quality large aircraft structure manufacturer.

Levima Group

China's leading company specializing in chemical industrial operations.

Phylion Battery

China's leading lithium battery manufacturer.


Chinese real estate development company focusing on residential housing and commercial properties (science parks, office buildings, etc.)


CSPC Pharmaceutical Group

China's largest drugmaker; first Chinese pharmaceutical company to go public abroad.

Consun Pharmaceutical Group

China's leading Chinese medicine company.

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group

First Chinese chemical drug companies listed on the NYSE.

Shanghai Yangsi Hospital

Shanghai's largest private hospital.

BYBO Dental Group

China's largest dental chain.

KingMed Diagnostics

China's largest third-party medical testing group.

Innovent Biologics

Leading biopharmaceutical company in China.

Berry Genomics

Genetic test developer and next-generation sequencing service provider.

Web & Entertainment


China's first online jobs board.

Joyo (now Amazon China)

China's earliest online retailer, acquired by Amazon in 2004.

Renren Network

One of China's earliest social networking services.

Zeus Interactive

China's leading onling gaming company.


China's leading online mapping company.

Social Touch

China's leading social marketing company.


China's leading online travel website.


One of China's largest automobile after-sale services company.


One of China's largest cloud computing platforms.


Online platform for peer-to-peer small unsecured loans in China.


Online apartment rental company.

Xingshuai Teach

Online education and training platform.


China's top ranked mobile games developer.

Happy Elements

Social, web, and mobile gaming company.


Chinese e-commerce software and serviices provider.


China's largest online ticketing platform.


Biosensors International

Medical devices developer and manufacturer for interventional cardiology and critical care procedures.

Pizza Express

Casual dining chain with 500 restaurants worldwide.

STX Entertainment

An American film and television studio launched in 2014 by Robert Simonds.


Leading Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) company serving a large and diverse ecosystem of customers.

Tokai Kanko Co.

Japan's leading hotel property investment company.